Growing Microgreens at Home-Update


OK. In my last microgreens growing post I said I was lazy. And things worked out fine. I lied. A little. So, I had some packs of seeds from the Big Box Garden Store and decided I’d grow them as microgreens since their season was out here now that it’s Hotter than the Hinges of Hell. I learned some lessons I thought I’d pass on..

1. I am not a poor gardener…those seed packs DO NOT germinate. I don’t know if it’s that they’re not organic or that they’ve been on the shelves too long. But I’ll never buy them again.


Big Box Garden Store seeds at lower left, organic seeds at top right. Ummmm….yeah, there’s a difference.

2. Some seeds you *might* have to soak. Beet seeds did squat for me no matter how much I loved them or wanted them to grow.

3. Beware the millipede. If your soil is kept outside you may have critters that are determined to escape (come on now, I surely am not the only one that re-purposed the dog-chewn kiddie pool that blew into my yard like a gift from Trashistan Heaven as a garden soil holder!). Maybe let the container with soil sit out for a day or just wear your best critter-stomping flip-flaps about the house for a bit after you bring it in. Try not to think you’re Tippi Hedren in some twisted garden version of The Birds. Try. Try.

Will keep ya updated with new finds as I go! The top of the dryer looks like a lush jungle, so there should be loads to report soon!